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El acetato de trenabolona (conocido como Parabolan, Tren, Finaplex ) es un esteroide anabólico extremadamente potente y se considera uno de los esteroides más efectivos para mejorar el rendimiento atlético. Es uno de los esteroides anabólicos más versátiles en el mercado y tiene varias ventajas sobre otros esteroides anabólicos. El acetato de trenabolona también es el tema de muchos mitos en el mundo de los esteroides anabólicos, pero espero que podamos disiparlos y tener una idea sólida sobre este medicamento.

Historia de Trenbolon

El acetato de trembolona está oficialmente clasificado como un esteroide anabólico veterinario. La hormona Parabolan se creó por primera vez a fines de la década de 1960, y más tarde la versión de acetato se venderá con el nombre de Finajet y Finaject. Sin embargo, esta no es la única conexión Tren. La misma hormona aparecerá en el mercado farmacéutico llamada Parabolan de la compañía Negma Laboratories de Francia. Esta versión de Trenbolon está fabricada con la misma hormona activa que en Finajet y Finaject, excepto en el éter adjunto.

Hoechst-Roussel, la producción oficial de acetato de trembolona, suspendió su práctica veterinaria a finales de los años ochenta. Sin embargo, en el tiempo posterior trabajarán con gránulos de phenaplex, pequeños implantes granulares subcutáneos que contienen acetato de trembolona activo. Gránulos diseñados para trabajar con el ganado, con el fin de aumentar significativamente el tejido muscular del animal, poco antes del sacrificio. Desde entonces, los pellets se han vuelto tan populares que se han convertido en una parte regular e integral del mercado de ganado. Desde entonces, muchos atletas han notado los tremendos efectos del medicamento y también compraron los pellets de fenaplex para convertirlo en inyecciones de acetato de trembolona.

Si bien la prevalencia de los gránulos de fenaplex en los círculos veterinarios ha ido en aumento, y ha sido constantemente modificada, han surgido laboratorios clandestinos que durante muchos años han estado estableciendo la producción de inyecciones de acetato de trembolona. Hasta la fecha, con la excepción de los compuestos de testosterona, el acetato de trembolona es uno de los esteroides anabólicos más populares en el mercado. De hecho, es tan bueno que puedes combinar diferentes medicamentos juntos, y nunca obtener el tipo de efecto que el acetato de trembolona puede darte. También es uno de los medicamentos más populares para la masa muscular en la temporada baja. Esta droga no solo aumentará la masa muscular y aumentará la fuerza, sino que además todo lo hará para mantenerte seco, a diferencia de los esteroides anabólicos tradicionales. Aunque esta no es la única forma de Trenbolon en el mercado, El acetato de trembolona es preferido por la mayoría de los atletas. Al usarlo, es mucho más fácil mantener un nivel alto y estable de acetato de trembolona en la sangre y, en combinación con otros beneficios, no es difícil entender por qué muchos se refieren al acetato de trembolona como rey entre los reyes.

 Trenbolone acetate functions and features.

Trenbolone acetate is a 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) androgenic anabolic steroid. 19-nor classification refers to structural changes in the hormone of testosterone, it lacks a carbon atom in the 19th position. This puts Tren in the same category as Deca (Nandrolone decanoate). In fact, the hormone Parabolan itself is simply a modified form of the hormone Nandrolone. The hormone Tren Acetate carries a double bond in the 9 and 11 carbons, which in turn slows the metabolism, significantly increasing the binding efficiency with the androgen receptors and inhibiting it from aromatization. As a result, the changes make Trenbolone acetate one of the most powerful anabolic steroids of all time. Just by looking at its structural rating, we can begin to understand what a powerful steroid is. The rating of Parabolan is: anabolic 500 and androgenic 500, which is a very good indicator. This rating is based on a comparison of the testosterone rating, which is 100 as anabolic and androgenic.

In addition to its basic structure, the hormone Trenbolone acetate has a small amount of acetate (acetic acid) ester attached to it. The ether is attached in order to control the release time after the injection of the hormone. This gives Trenbolon an approximate active decay in two days. Some data show that active decay was slightly less than three days. So the decay period is slightly less than 70 hours better than 48 hours right? Obviously, this makes Trenbolone acetate a fast enough steroid and will require injections more often in order to maintain a stable level in the blood.

Trenbolone acetate has several powerful features that are usually associated with a combination of several steroids. However, in addition to reflecting some of the common features characteristic of most steroids, power and efficacy rates, at the time of its application, are much higher than most steroids. Trenbolone acetate also carries one feature that largely distinguishes it from the rest of the steroids and makes it much more whiter than a valuable compound.

Like many anabolic steroids, Trenbolone acetate significantly increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle tissues. The synthesis of protein is responsible for the rate at which the cells produce the protein; protein is the main material for building muscles. This will help accelerate anabolism, as well as provide protection for the body during a calorie deficit. It will also greatly accelerate the recovery time of muscle tissue after exercise. As for the retention of nitrogen, the more nitrogen we conserve in the tissues, the more anabolism we get. Conversely, when the level of nitrogen falls, it can lead to catabolism or muscle tissue depletion. This is due to the fact that muscle tissue contains about 16 percent of nitrogen. Although this is not a large number.

Trenbolone acetate has the ability to significantly increase the number of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen by blood to all cells of the body. Thus, the more the more saturated the blood with oxygen. This greatly increases muscular endurance and greatly increases the speed of tissue repair after training.

Another feature of Tren acetate is its ability to inhibit glucocorticoid hormones. Glucocorticoid hormones, sometimes called stress hormones, are in many ways the opposite of the hormones of anabolic steroids, as they contribute to the destruction of muscle tissue and the buildup of fat. However, they play are important for the well-being of our body and in a certain amount must be present. The use of Trenbolone acetate protects us from the fact that the stress hormone does not become dominant in the body. This will be useful in any phase of training, but it plays a special role when the diet is strictly limited in calories, as a rule it is in such cases that the level of glucocorticoid hormones becomes dominant.

Using Parabolan will promote a strong acceleration of metabolism, this will be an extremely useful property during drying. Also during the off-season, during the period of recruitment of muscle mass will help maintain a lower percentage of fat tissue.

The final feature of Trenbolone acetate is improved nutrition efficiency. Food is the most important part of any training plan and from food we get all the necessary substances for growth. Nevertheless, our body will consume exactly as much as necessary, and the rest is simply thrown away. Trenbolone acetate improves the properties of the digestive system, so the nutritional value of each consumed substance becomes higher.

 Effects of the course of Trenbolone acetate:

The use of Trenbolone acetate provides many benefits. Nevertheless, we want you to be able to fully appreciate all the positive aspects when using this drug. Tren is an effective tool, both for drying and for a set of muscle mass. However, the greatest effect from its use you will get during the drying.

During drying, there is no more advantageous and effective anabolic steroid than Trenbolone acetate. This is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids available today, when it comes to drying with the preservation of muscle mass. During the diet, maintaining muscle mass is one of the priorities. In general, the main task of drying is burning fatty tissue, but if the muscle mass is not preserved, then such a diet can not be considered successful. However, in order to burn fat, you need to burn more calories than consume, and this is the problem, because the muscle tissue is in danger. Continuing to sit on a diet, your fatty layer will decrease, but at this time, the muscle tissue also continues to be depleted. Applying Trenbolone acetate, we guarantee,

While the drug is useful at the time of drying and is often used by competing athletes in various competitions, Trenbolone acetate is also an excellent means for recruiting muscle mass in the off-season. Without a doubt, Trenbolone acetate is a universal remedy. To date, there are not many anabolic steroids that can build muscle mass like Trenbolone acetate. More importantly, the effects of Trenbolone acetate are not only strong, but also much cleaner than most traditional anabolic steroids for muscle mass gain. This hormone will not and can not promote water retention in the muscles, which means that every kilogram gained with the drug will be muscle mass. No less important will be the ability of this steroid, control the percentage of fat during mass sets. To achieve true growth, adjustments in the diet will be required, the amount of calories consumed should be in a small excess in relation to the amount of calories that the body spends on all processes of vital activity. How much calorie intake should increase depends on the individual characteristics of each person, but as a rule this process is always accompanied by deposits of adipose tissue. However, the use of Trenbolone will minimize fat deposition. Nevertheless, this does not give a full guarantee from the purchase of unwanted fat, if the food ration is not built correctly and the number of calories is significantly higher than the norm, you have a chance to recover. But despite all this,

Regardless of the purpose of use, all those who use Trenbolone acetate exhibit a strong increase in strength endurance. This is a common effect when using different anabolic steroids, but with Trenbolone acetate this effect will be more significant and your muscles will not tire so quickly. However, some people reported that the use of Trenbolone adversely affects their cardiovascular system, but this phenomenon is more of an individual factor than the effect of the drug, some may show it, but others do not. Regardless of this, muscular endurance will improve, as will recovery processes. This is important, since the recovery period is exactly the period in which progress is achieved. For some, this seems not entirely understandable. In fact, during training, we give a strong load to our body, muscle fibers are torn, the cardiorespiratory system plows to its fullest. But during rest, our body to repair all the damage to muscle tissue, increasing it and adapting to the constantly increasing load. Applying Trenbolon, the recovery period will be shortened, which will make it possible, to train more often and grow faster.

 Side effects of Trenbolone acetate:

Of course, when using Trenbolone acetate, there can be various side effects, we’ll talk about them. For many years of use, some side effects have been identified that can occur in almost everyone. Some think that the emergence of side effects is associated with poor quality of the product, but it is quite so. There are both positive effects and not quite. Basically, they are comparable to other anabolic steroids, but there are those that are specific for Trenbolone acetate. Also, an individual factor plays a big role in this matter, in some cases, side effects can be practically not noticeable, and to whom it may be necessary to abandon the use of this drug. But if you are healthy and do not suffer from various diseases associated with the work of internal organs,

In order to help you better understand the possible side effects of Trenbolone acetate, we have broken them into separate categories with all the necessary information.

1) Estrogenic:

Trenbolone is not estrogenic. This anabolic steroid is not aromatized, therefore it does not retain a large amount of water in the muscles. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of gynecomastia due to the presence of progesterone. Progesterone has the ability to stimulate the estrogen mechanism in the tissues of the breast, which can lead to gynecomastia. Most will not have any problems with this, but those who are predisposed to gynecomastia will feel uncomfortable. In this case, Anti-estrogens will provide your protection.

2) Androgenic:

Trenbolone, as might be expected, has an androgenic character. In this regard, side effects may include acne, speeding up hair loss (in those who are predisposed to baldness). Although the appearance of these effects on the direct depends on your genetics. For example, if you are not predisposed to baldness, you will not even notice a slight loss of hair. However, if you are predisposed, hair loss will be an unpleasant phenomenon for you.

3) Cardiovascular:

The side effects of Trenbolone acetate in this category may be a problem for some men. This steroid can have a negative effect on cholesterol level, suppressing the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) lipoproteins and increasing lipoproteins of low LDL density (bad cholesterol). This negative effect should not strongly influence the cholesterol level, like most oral steroids, it will be more pronounced than in the majority of injections. This can be controlled, but this will require concentration of efforts. It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of cholesterol, add food rich in omega-rich fatty acids-fish, fish oil, flaxseed and olive oil, you must exclude or significantly reduce the intake of saturated fats and simple sugars. Also worth paying attention to cardio loads, their number in the training program should increase. It is not worth listening to those who say that cardio loading does not have a good effect on muscle growth, it’s a myth in which everyone continues to foolishly believe.

Trenbolone acetate can also have a negative effect on blood pressure. For healthy men, this phenomenon will not be a complication. But nevertheless it is necessary to keep under control the level of pressure. If you can not cope with this, then you should stop using this drug.

4) Testosterone

The use of Trenbolone acetate will always suppress the natural production of testosterone. All anabolic steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone, but the rate varies considerably from one drug to another. In the case of Trenbolon, this will manifest itself more strongly. It is practically impossible to keep the level of testosterone production above the lower limit without the use of exogenous testosterone. Include exogenous testosterone during the course and this problem will be solved.

After the course ends, when all the exogenous hormones leave your body, the production of natural testosterone will return to its previous level. Nevertheless, the amount of natural testosterone will still be very low, and it takes time to return to the usual state. For this reason, most exercise is followed by course therapy (PKT). PKT will stimulate the natural recovery of testosterone and will provide you with enough of it for normal functioning of the body, and your natural level will continue to grow.

An important observation on the natural recovery of testosterone levels, natural recovery suggests that the level of natural testosterone did not fall very low, just as a very important point is that the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles were not seriously damaged due to improper supplementary feeding practices.

5) Hepatotoxicity:

Trenbolone acetate is not considered a hypatotoxic anabolic steroid. During its use, there should be no damage or stress to the liver. However, liver problems can occur due to improper and excessive dosage of the drug.

Dosage Trenbolone acetate:

For a set of muscle mass, the best way for most men is a dose of 50-100 mg per day. More serious dosages for hardly a code will either be needed for most. However, some may apply dosages above 100 mg during the off-season if this is necessary. Higher dosages are generally applied during drying. Some people will be able to use 100mg every day or 200mg every other day, but this greatly increases the risk of side effects.

A menudo se cree que 50 mg al día es una dosis baja, pero no olvides que el acetato de trembolona es un esteroide anabólico extremadamente potente. Esta es la dosis más adecuada para la mayoría de los hombres, que es capaz de proporcionar un resultado sorprendente. Si esto no sucede, asegúrese de que la calidad de su producto.